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White Pearl™ Preferred Angle ACP

The White Pearl™ ACP is a pioneering cervical spine fixation system that is ideal for the treatment of degenerative or traumatic cervical disorders. The plate’s design allows for quick and accurate preliminary fixation as well as maximum screw angulation to accommodate challenging anatomy. Numerous screw options accommodate all preferences and are backed up by robust manual locking rivets to prevent screw expulsion.


Patented cannulated design allows for quick and accurate preliminary fixation at midline of plate.

System framework offering ±20° cephalad/caudal angulation allows for maximum flexibility on challenging alignments.

Manual, one-step locking rivets provide a visual, tactile, and audible confirmation that screws have been locked.

Ultra-thin plate designed for decreased anatomic disruption and increased disc space versatility.




We want to give you all the details that separate our system from anything you’ve seen before. Let us hear from you.

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