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Our Story

Osseus is a pioneering medical device firm focused on developing advanced technology products for the minimally invasive spine surgery theatre. Our teams of forward-thinking surgeons, bright-minded engineers and visionary product managers design systems aimed at enhancing patient outcomes and changing healthcare for the better.

At Osseus, creative minds are always at work.

Our Values

Excite: We inspire excitement by developing next generation systems.

Envision: Our creative team envisions solutions to bring innovative ideas to life.

Evolve: We continually evolve our portfolio of products to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Difference

As an organically funded, privately held medical device pioneer, Osseus is not bound by corporate bureaucracy or shareholder demands. We have the freedom to explore new possibilities, experiment with new technologies, and form close partnerships with surgeons to develop groundbreaking answers to surgical questions. Using advanced materials and leading-edge technologies like additive manufacturing, we are creating modern, inventive devices that help solve anatomic challenges and push patient outcome boundaries.

Our History

After working in the medical device industry for decades, our founder decided it was time to do things differently. What started as a collection of next-generation ideas, has become an innovative medical device firm with the freedom to explore novel concepts, partner with entrepreneurial surgeons, and develop leading-edge spinal systems.

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